Two For You

big hands
A couple for you today! This is another guy that I managed to like enough to give a page to himself. I'm not great with hands and while this guy's (really rather nice) leather gloves made things a little easier it was still a challenge. I quite like that in my concentration I have enlarged his hands. It's a weird perspective but I quite like it and it was good practice! And I find myself now not worrying too much about perspective when I'm just in my sketchbook and just getting on with the thing! It's good as I have a tendency to size up people before drawing them (which often results in them..well..getting off the train before I start drawing...)
old man sleeping
With this grumpy sleepy man I'm afraid I don't remember much about him nor even drawing him. He is unfortunately a fine example of how little we know about the people we share a train carriage (or indeed bus) with everyday. I think in my sketches here I'm trying to keep a memory of the person, something that stood out, but all that stood out to me about this guy was that he was obviously not having a good morning! But then in that respect perhaps he wanted to just fade into the background that day. I hope you're all enjoying the start of summer (or indeed winter if you're not in this part of the world), the sun has finally come out so I need to get these people in their thick jumpers and coats all uploaded quickly!


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