The Shaman

the shaman
Wow so I forgot to share a big old piece with you! I popped this over on facebook and flickr but forgot about blogspot! So this is The Shaman. I want to start putting together a body of work to add to my website, as well as create zines, badges, etc out of created around the theme of "The Tribe." I have a lot of pieces with tribal influences. I don't have a specific tribe to refer to (but I've probably looked at the Mapuche and the Selk'nam the closest) but this work will be influenced by everything from different spirits I've read about to their costumes to their textiles. When travelling through America I'm hoping to learn more about their native indians and take more influence from them. It's not a theme I get bored of and find it immensely interesting. I want to try and paint everything from children to hunters to important figureheads. And I hope you like what I come up with.


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