Backpacker Post 4: Flagstaff,Sedona,Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon-Arizona

So I tried to narrow the post size down for this one because as amazing as Sedona, Monument Valley and The Grand Canyon are they are all effectively big rocks..or indeed a big hole. We were blessed with our really incredible host Stephanie, in Flagstaff. Again I cannot fault couchsurfing, it's such a good idea and website and ergh all round been amazing. It's the reason I attended a one ness blessing and had a hilarious trip to the swamps in New Orleans, why I finally found a beer I liked and ate a donut covered in bacon in Austin and in Flagstaff I guess I just made a new friend! She also took us to Sedona, a little town known for its vortexes, new age thinking and incredible landscape. Stephanie is also a pro at hitch hiking and with her tips we got to the Grand Canyon by using our thumbs alone! We also made it out to Utah to see Monument Valley (y'know those wierd rocks you see out of the back of cars in cartoons? That's what Monument Valley looks like), it was a long drive but totally worth it (and I swear we earned this massive plate of chips and gravy AND CHEESE.)

See the little Route 66 sign in the middle! Next stop is where things got a bit silly, but I wouldn't have expected anything less from Las Vegas...


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