Backpacker Post Number One - New Orleans

A blog post! It seemed elusive and impossible but yes it's happening! The first of what will be many photo and sketchbook posts about my travels. I am writing to you from Costa Rica in a small village near Tileran. To give you an idea of the kind of place this is, this morning I went for a walk with my hostess here (an elderly nun) and watched her dive into a famer's swimming hole and on the way back watched a family of monkies eat flowers and spotted a sloth (finally!) But these photos will chart my travels from my very first stop, New Orleans, Louisiana. It was hot, full of jazz, real voodoo (which will surely come into play in my tribe project), new friends and fantastic food.

 That's not cheese, that's peanut butter. And it was actually really good!

This is the Voodoo Preistess Miriam and she might be my new favourite person. 

 Next stop Austin, Texas!


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