Backpacking Post 3: Roswell, New Mexico

Roswell was, well, bizarre as expected. It was my first taste of what a lot of American little towns look like and made me realise why the legal driving age is low. While the aliens were fun for a while and indeed my main reason for going to Roswell was to visit the UFO museum (I'm a geek, I've learnt to own it over the years) there isn't really a whole bunch in Roswell so we rented a car and headed out into "The State of Enchantment" and it really lived up to its name. We headed to incredible White Sands, an almost white desert made up of a deposit of a soluble material called Gypsum. A particularly memorable moment happened when trying to find somewhere to camp and coming across a tiny little place called Fort Stanton in the middle of a really incredible (not to mention hilarious) Civil War reinactment. It felt like we had stumbled into a time capsule and they even found us somewhere to camp! New Mexico, who knew it would be quite so amazing!


A pretty long one so I hope you liked it. Next stop another incredibly stunning state, Arizona.


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