The Desk Turtle

I've been working on christmas cards over the past few days and realised when I sat down to get some roughs done that my desk was in a bit of a state so I gave it a good once over. Here you can see the few zines and magazines I've accumulated while travelling (including the incredible Kingbrown, which you should all go check out) as well as the tiny, not very powerful, notebook I'm having to do my work on and my beloved new bright yellow Urbanears headphones.

I've wanted a turtle skull for a while but wasn't really sure how to go about finding one. I was so happy when I walked into Paxton Gate in Portland, Oregon and they told my they had two! Both from sustainable sources (they're the kind of turtles that are farmed for meat). I get worried about my little animal collection coming from poachers so I try to check up on where they come from first. Isn't he great? I think he looks like a triceratops.
Do you have any interesting collections? I'd like to see!


  1. I collect animal bones, ones I've found myself from owl pellets or on the beach : )

    1. ah dina i had no idea! Have you posted pictures of them anywhere?


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