The Hurdles

The Hurdler
Just a quick little post after that long one. This one was my submission for Illustration Rally's Olympics and Paralympics Rally and it got posted! Whoop! ( you can see it here ) I always wanted to take part in a Rally and now I had enough time to devote to collage again. I'm not dropping my watercolours just yet though! Looking back at this it made me appreciate doing my collage by hand rather than digitally, while it's better for messing with the colours ,which is great while I'm backpacking as I carry around enough as it is let alone a selection of paper that needs to be kept in pristine condition, I just prefer the process of getting sticky and seeing it in its carefully cut shapes so much more. Also I wish I had knocked the colours back just a little, it's a bit bright, oh well, all part of the learning process!


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