Backpacker Post 10 : Portland, Oregon part 1

Oregon is going to be split into a few posts because we stayed there for just over three weeks. Portland was everything I have imagined and wanted it to be! I've wanted to visit this place for the past few years and it didn't dissapoint. Amazing shopping, great people watching,so much incredible food it was unbelievable, some of the nicest looking streets and surrounded by some wonderful landscapes.
   These photos here chronicle the first week or so when we were kindly invited on a trip to the gorge with Brady and his friends to go swimming and blackberry picking, we also made a trip to Mount Hood (you may recognise the Lodge from The Shining), and even an outdoor showing of Ed Wood's hilarious Plan 9 from Outer Space (accompanied by a live orchestra and electronic music!) To top it off we had the pleasure of staying with a young man named Brady who Rob had known by email for years and his wonderful wife Leah who took us in their really beautiful little home and generally showed us a fantastic time. So this blog post also acts as a big thank you to them

(that sign says it's 2 miles to Boring by the way...)




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