Just a couple of little things here while I'm editing photos. This first one is a quick scan of the thank you card I made for Alica our host (ex) nun. If you're thinking of coming to Costa Rica I highly reccomend staying with her out in the countryside for a few nights (drop me an email and I'll give you contact details). She's got more energy than anyone I've ever known as well as being funny and so kind. It was tearful leaving after spending six weeks with her!

An this has been bumbling around my hard drive for a while. I bought so much in America...and I may have just hit ebay too..oops. Oh well the dress here is from RUCA who Im definately going to look up online and hope they've opened a store in the UK and the boots are from TBA. That big ol' plaster on my knee is what happens when you cross a road wearing a big backpack and miss the curb..I ruined my jeans and now I have two big scars....ahh memories..


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