New Shop!

 So I have a little Society 6 going. (click click!) I've had it for a while and somehow forgot to announce it over here! Christmas is coming up and I am one of those irritating people that likes to get all their Christmas shopping done by November. If you are one of those people too maybe you'll find something to tick someone off your list or find something to add to your own wishlist ; ) Also speaking of Christmas I'm currently working on some Christmas cards and I've got one up already.
(you can buy it here)
I also put my little Apprentice piece on to Tote bags. All ready for Halloween trick or treating!
Tons of other stuff is avaliable (if you've got one of those swanky new iphones there's a few things avaliable for you). If you've seen a piece of mine that you'd like let me know and I'll see what I can do.


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