This is Halloween

I scare easily, so Halloween has not always been my favourite celebration, however I've always had a bit of a thing for characters that err to the creepier side of life. I reckon I have my mother to blame for that, she had me watching Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas when I was about five. So in the spirit of embracing this bizarre old tradition I have made my enigmatic Apprentice avaliable as a print over on society6.

He/she is also avaliable on a tshirt, y'know, in case you don't feel like dressing up but still want to get into the spirit.(hurr hurr...)

And how about collecting your haul of goodies up in a tote bag this year! It's more eco friendly as you can use this all year round and not just on Halloween (ok i'll stop now...)
If you like me over on facebook you will have seen that I recently rehauled my shaman piece. He's not as spooky but he'll keep you safe! He also looks pretty neat on an ipod skin.


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