So Much Snow

Well if you live in the UK I'd be very surprised if you managed to avoid the fact that it's snowed rather a lot in the past week or two, and well where I am, it's still going! I will join the grumps now and say that I am well and truly over it. I don't like the cold very much as it is. It was fun however when my cousins came to stay with us. My cousins are moving back to the UK after nine years in Australia and I think this is the most snow they've ever seen. I'm not sure they were quite prepared for the cold! I took these over two days while taking their pug Betty for walks across the golf course and around my little village. Betty is still with us now, pugs are such strange little things, I feel like I'm looking after an ewok crossed with a gremlin, she's very sweet though. Anyway, I hope you like these pictures, the snow was so heavy it seems to have created a kind of blue tinge...spooky...

Ok that was nice...but seriously, it's supposed to be minus 13 here tonight..I'm so over winter


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