The Final Backpacking Post- Portland,Oregon- Part 3

The final post! I can't believe it's been five months since we left America. It feels like only a month ago I was shielding my eyes from the light reflecting off of White Sands or craving another piece of fried pickle with our new friends in New Orleans. But oh I find myself missing Portland constantly. Our final days in America were filled with introducing our friends and wonderful hosts Leah and Brady to British comedies, having amazing brunches out (see below!), catching a bluegrass band in a packed out bar and generally just soaking up how beautiful, hazy an suburban it all felt. 

                            (I can't help but think that vintage plumbing sounds like something that should be included in Portlandia)

(roadside gardens are amazing! We should pick up on this idea!)

Often now I find myself wishing my suburban village had a choice of incredibly cool coffee shops, or that I could walk to the different areas of my city instead of waiting an hour for the bus. All too often I find myself wishing I was back on our friend's porch on another incredibly hot summer evening. Of all the places we visited Portland was the place I could see myself living in the most.
Everything about my trip both confirmed and totally turned my ideas about America around, an I really loved every second of it and would do it all again if I could. I made so many new friends and even people that I will admire for the rest of my life. But my life is rarely static an I'm a pretty go with the flow kind of person and huge plans are in the pipeline, but I'm only going to share those with you once things are confirmed.
   For now, expect the blog to go through some changes. In December I bashed out some ideas for regular weekly themed posts and even a collaboration of sorts, my new year so far has actually been fairly unlucky, so I guess it can only really get better haha!



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