An Illustrated Life - GIVEAWAY!

I received this book a long time ago and have long loved and admired it. I recently came into possession of another copy and I would like to give it away! This book contains sketchbook pages and interviews of 49 established illustrators, designers and artists and if you're anything like me, you love a good snoop through someone else's sketchbooks. I am going to share a few snippets from this book with you up until the 28th. That is when I will announce the winner!

All you have to do to enter is either
send me a tweet  with a link to this blog post, or indeed any other blog posts involving this giveaway,

- leave a comment on this blog post or indeed any other blog posts involving this giveaway.

-like my facebook page
(or any combination of those will get you entered in there too, feel free to do any of these more than once!)

YOU HAVE UNTIL THE 28TH. I will post the book out on the 29th (it has to be this date as after that I am leaving the country for quite some time!) I'll be keeping you updated on the giveaway over on twitter and facebook, so keep your eyes peeled.

So to give you a first taste of what to find inside "An Illustrated Life" I thought I'd show you a couple of pages I really like.

This one here is actually taken from the incomparable James Jean. (I would link you to his website but it appears to be down) A man who's sketchbooks are the reason why I thought I should really, really get stuck into reportage and make the most of my commutes.

I hope you guys like what you see and good luck!


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  2. It looks great Rebecca! Already liked your page :)

  3. Eeee!! This looks like such a fabulous book! You really can't beat looking through someone's sketchbook or their studio space, it's I often more inspiring than their finished work. It's very kind of you to do a giveaway for it.
    I shall now tweet :-)

    1. thanks for entering! and I totally agree, it's why i love this book so much!

  4. Oh I love Danny Gregory! I have "The Creative Licence", it always helps me out when I have art block :)

    1. ah Faye hello! I actually haven't looked at any other books produced by Danny Gregory but doing this giveaway has definitely ignited my interest!


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