I won!

So the other day I came home from a long day and yet another walk home in the snow and rain to a lovely little parcel. Wrapped in a map of Siberia no less!
It turns out I had won a prize in the very lovely Anna Jane Searle's giveaway!It was just the thing to brighten up a horrible cold evening.
 So wonderfully wrapped too! I've long admired Anna's work on flickr. In particular her incredible embroidery work


Embroidery Sample

I recently got twitter and got in contact with her and learnt that she also makes some lovely jewellery! And that's what I won! 

(I learnt photographing jewellery is no mean feet! Also that my macro setting isn't happy with me..)

The studs are my favourite. I wear a lot of stud earrings but always seem to be losing them. I will make sure I won't lose these though! Everything is so delicate and little, and I love how it all has Anna's handmade look to it. Ever so chuffed! If you want to see more of Anna's work you should check out her Etsy. I also really recommend a rifle through her blog, everything is so organic and nature filled, which is something I always like to see in an illustrator.


  1. Awwww such a lovely feature of my work and am so pleased you like everything, I have a soft spot for the studs too. You will have to wait and see what beauties I create in my latest collection. Thank you so much for the feature and also for showing my embroidery.


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