Priestess Miriam

This is Miriam. I've been hanging on to this piece for a while and I don't know why when this person was one of the most important people I met on trip across America last summer. My Tribe project doesn't just involve lost children, nomads and gutterpunks but also involves the kind of people I think would visit and help out the Tribe. Miriam here is a Voodoo Priestess (with her own wikipedia entry no less!). When I was in New Orleans there was a lot of tourist crap everywhere offering Voodoo readings and odd souvenirs but as someone with a huge interest in different types of religion I wanted to get to the bottom of Voodoo as best I could in a few days and it seemed the best way to do it would be to go to the Voodoo Spiritual Temple.

Priestess Miriam does offer professional readings in her alter here (for a price) but she is more than happy to sit down and have a chat with you. So that's what we did! 

She is an incredibly happy person! Keen to dispel the myths surrounding Voodoo and stressed to us that Voodoo is about seeing what is good for the planet and relating it to what is good for your own life, and vice versa. 

She is a little bit mad but full of curiosity, wonderful stories (she came to visit a witch friend in the UK once who was having trouble with her coven!) and warmth and she really had a profound effect on me. 

I just know that if she had knowledge of the Tribe she would want to sit around the camp fire with them and learn about why these kids left home and just totally support their way of life. 


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