"To Draw From Life is To Learn About Life - R.Crumb"

Giveaway Post number two focuses on the illustrative force that is Robert Crumb. Now unlike his contemporary Dan Clowes, who I wrote a speculative essay on showing how Dan Clowes' psyche isn't completely reflected in his comics as he is not cold, particularly judgmental or mad, Crumb on the other hand is quite different. You can see how he is just a bit mad in this incredible documentary about him and his personality is perfectly reflected in his harsh, often explicit but absolutely fascinating illustrations.
So why else should we care about Robert Crumb?
Well apart from the fact he's a figurehead for adult underground comics. 

He invented this dude, Mr Natural. Half guru spewing statements on how the world is going down the pan, half conman (he's great.)
The man has illustrated the book of Genesis for god's sake! (no pun intended)

 His sketchbooks are renowned for being collector's items and this book gives you a little snippet of them and a really inspiring interview with him.

"Learn to express your real, personal feelings...Look for the commonplace, the unnoticed details of everyday reality. To draw from life is to learn about life." - R.Crumb

Fancy winning this book filled to the brim sketchbook pages and interviews from incredible artists like Robert Crumb? Here's how:

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YOU HAVE UNTIL THE 28TH. I will post the book out on the 29th (it has to be this date as after that I am leaving the country for quite some time!) I'll be keeping you updated on the giveaway over on twitter and facebook, so keep your eyes peeled.

Good luck!


  1. Super and very generous giveaway have done all the above.


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