A Trip to the Shrine


Good Morning! It's still not sunk in that I'm in Tokyo now. I LIVE in Tokyo! I've resolved to take more photographs to try an not show such a touristy side to Japan. I've had requests for pictures of my neighbourhood. Which I think people would think would look something like the beautiful hazy pictures over on Hello Sandwich, however I'm really very central, so I have to look harder to see those little beauty spots. But there's definitely a wealth of things to share with you (I actually live next door to a shrine...). However this is only my second post from Japan! On this day we visited Yoyogi Park. Which after so much grey and concrete of the big city, it's easy to see why people flock here, and the Meiji Shrine is really beautiful. I really want to learn more about the shrines and temples I see here. I've already started to get clued up on how Buddhism and Shintoism seem to go hand in hand here. Anyways I hope you like these pictures and I'm hoping to step up my blogging game from here on in!

Weddings at the Meiji Shrine are apparently a very regular occurance. Even so I was so happy that I got to witness something so very different from any wedding I'd seen before.

Caught these two little lolitas on the famous bridge to the park from Harajuku. I will return to Harajuku and take pictures don't worry! I was a touch overwhelmed on my first (well, second visit in 9 years) and was also shopping 'til I literally could no longer shop. I've had requests of posts of my purchases which I think I can handle ; )  

Couldn't quite get this collage to mesh but I wanted to share it with you as an excuse to use my papers from Loft and Tokyu Hands, two massive amazing shops with a craft focus!

Ok so I've had requests for outfit photos (which I was collaging together but that's okay, I can do both)  and blogs of what I've bought (I'm somewhat street fashion obsessed so this country is dangerous for my purse strings!) So I hope you look forward to those and in the mean time I'm sure I'll keep finding things to show you lovelies


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