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Selamat Petang from Singapore! (I hope I typed that correctly). So I will be out here until the 12th visiting my dad, step mum and half sisters. I actually grew up in Singapore and visit almost every year so the novelty has somewhat worn off so my posts from here will be less.."backpackingy" than any I've made before but I do rather enjoy being here and like to check out the museums while I'm here and Red Dot Design Museum is the first one we made it out to. I was actually pretty stoked about seeing Red Dot as I tend to prefer design museums to fine art ones and hadn't made it before (it has weird opening times). I do feel a need to explain the lack of picture quality in this post, I did that incredibly clever thing where you remember your very heavy camera and forget the SD card so had to get by on my blackberry so bare with me! 

I wanted to share my favourite projects with you. The first one is the The United Bottle Scenario. These guys have manufactured a bottle called a PET bottle. It is not only recyclable into things like textiles they plan to use it as a temporary building material in times of crisis. 

Slightly less serious now. This is a Copernico Pendant Lamp. It folds completely flat! And then you can pull it out to look however you want..I want one, just wish it wasn't over two grand...

Moss Pencils..when I first saw these I thought it was ridiculous..why would anyone want a mossy pencil? But as Sirampuch Eamumpai of I'm Curio put in the blurb it "plays with its haptic appeal." Which basically means it elicits a non verbal response in you - you wanna touch it. An jeez did I wanna touch it. They had little black ones in the gift shop but somehow when it didn't look like moss it just wasn't as much fun.

Produced by none other than Faber-Castell so why the hell haven't I seen this before? It's aimed at kids okay but..why? As someone who travels a box of paints gets bulky quickly! They should find a way to make these stackable as well as connectable into a thin tube, or even individually! Not sure how cost effective it would be but for travelling light with only the colours you want or need they are pretty great!

Why was this so much fun? I was made a fool of by a pencil I couldn't explain why I wanted to touch an now this lamp made my sister an I way too happy. This piano lamp is made up of individual circuits, so you can "play" the keys to turn them on and off. I remember playing with dimmer switches and those lamps that you tap to turn on and off when I was younger but always got told off, whereas this lamp almost wants you to play with it!

Graphics and Illustration ran down the middle, things were not labelled well! So I shall include a source if I figured out who it was by.

Liu Hanli (who I can't find a website for but this could be because it's in Chinese) did these very cool posters under the title "The Seasons of Life".

                                                              This was just a neat display...

En Masse- On the Nature of masses in theory and presentation by Eva Eisner

Wonderful interesting piece called I AM from Alt Group in Aukland (who have an odd website so if you want to see more of this group's fantastic work I would check out Dean Poole's page as he is their creative director.

It's done with PAPER. Sweet sweet collage. Made by the tactile illustration powerhouse that is Katrin Rodegast. Love it, want it on my wall!
Next stop was the new Art Science Museum which I remembered my camera for..


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