"She wanted to be extraordinary, to possess a savage glitter.” ―Joy Williams, The Quick and the Dead"

It feels somewhat strange to be doing an outfit post on what I had always intended to be just a blog for my illustration but you guys requested them now I'm in Japan, so maybe clothes are a big enough part of me to make outfit posts a little part of this blog! And I guess this is a blog of my life too, and really I'll take any excuse to show off my new boots.

So my tshirt is from a vintage shop in Portland, Oregon. When I was backpacking across America I stayed in Berkeley with an aging activist friend of my boyfriend's. He really showed us a fantastic time and Berkeley had this incredible feel to it. Like somewhere where people really thought about why it was worth fighting for  a cause. It was like stepping into a place where changes for good are pushed forward. This tshirt was sort of my way of having a momento of that. 

This necklace has almost become a staple piece of jewellery for me. It just seems to go with everything I own. I'd been eyeing it for about a year! I'm very lucky to have a talented friend working at Tatty Devine, so when she invited me to use her discount I knew this necklace was at the top of my list. 

The grouse brooch was a Christmas gift from my mother. She finally seems to have come round to my penchant for animal bits and pieces (usually picked up on my travels) so she knew this vintage brooch would fit right in. 

The skirt is new and from Wego. I wanted to go to Wego originally because one of my favourite Japanese models Amo shops there (yes I am apparently that person). It turned out Wego is pretty neat, and in a pretty fan-bloody-brilliant mall in Shibuya (more on that later), and much unlike most everything else I like in Japan, is priced very well indeed! It plays on the idea of American style sportswear meets vintage. I'd been looking for a skirt like this for aaages in just the right colour, so when I saw this in the bargain bin I was chuffed!

The boots. My new babies. I've lost count of how many years I've lusted after a pair of Tokyo Boppers. So many years of saving photos of cool kids posing for Fruits magazine and refusing to pay such high shipping for them. Even searching for replicas, which of course, pale in comparison.  My third day here I knew what I had to do. I was a woman on a mission! I'm not going to lie an say they're easy to walk in, but they are super comfy so no regrets, those years of wanting have been happily reconciled ;)  xxx


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