Bradley's Ballad


So these were part of a final submission to a magazine..and I didn't get in..but looking back at the final piece I sent off I kind of agree with the verdict. The background irks me more than most things. I've tried thousands of colours, made numerous Union Jack patterns, I guess I should have taken it back to the drawing board (or grit my teeth an just bloody drawn a street..why do I never do the obvious thing?) ANYWAY I'm still chuffed with these collaged mods. The top one is TOTALLY Bradley Wiggins. That suit he wore to receive his award for sportsman of the year? Perfect.
These guys were my submission to BalladOf with the theme for this upcoming issue being the Summer of '63, hence the vespas and mods and nod to hippie fashion with this last girl's dress.
Ah well, BalladOf are great and you should check them out, I definitely will be! I loved working on these so I hope I can use them somewhere, and I'll defo be trying my luck at getting into BalladOf again. Wish me luck xx



  1. Hello Becky,

    I am Eduardo Gomez, organic farmer in Tierras Morenas and a friend of Alicia Lopez. You and Robert met me when you stayed with Alicia and Robert came up to my farm and we chatted about all manner of stuff. I am looking to make contact with you because I deleted a letter from Robert without realizing it was from his account. I signed up for your blog and hope that you will send me an email so I can write to you in the future. I enjoy The Veritable Shiz and your lovely illustrations. The photo with Robert in front of the temple sign conveys his energy wonderfully. I remain interested in his ideas about "slow tourism or slow travel" and would like to discuss his ideas with him if possible. Carla and I are fine, very busy of late with much that can be shared later. Yesterday we spent some time with Alicia at the Carreta Festival In T. Morenas and she too is fine and sends her greetings to you in Japan. My email is I hope for a reply and wish you and Robert all the best in your nomadic lives. Cheers, your distant friend Eduardo/Akita Mata...

    1. ah! Eduardo thank you for getting in touch! We were just talking about you the other day! I'm happy to hear that you and Carla are doing fine. I'd love to hear what you've been upto and I'm positive Robert would love to talk to you about his ideas, I shall tell Rob as soon he gets home to send you a message. xxx


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