Catfish, Cats and Capybara!

Taking a break from the yokai and spirits (seriously I've got a good couple of blog posts good to go still in that vein) to bring you a few pictures from wandering around an area called Ginza. I guess if you were to compare Ginza to somewhere in London it might be Knightsbridge if it were somewhat more pedestrianised. Some very large expensive designer shops, rubbing shoulders with beautiful cafes, boutique pet clothing stores (really), a massive toy shop and more general stores like Zara. 

It's also home to Japan's Dover Street Market which I really wish I had taken a picture of. The one in London intimidates me because I'm obviously only going in to gawk at Comme Des Garcons that I can never have and wait for security to pry me away from a Lanvin gown. This one, was the same. It's not a comfortable atmosphere..people are just waiting for you to drop a couple hundred on a tshirt. But I mean, these shops are home to Comme des Garcons, Rick Owens, Maison Margiela..these places are like art galleries to me. On top of this they also have art in their stores! Anyways rant over, maybe one day I'll be able to afford a tshirt an get over the snooty sales staff..

This little guy and his little bread!!!

Ginza is a little bit of a tourist trap but I can't say I didn't enjoy seeing this dog driving his car towards me.

OK so I know I said no more spirits but I think you might find this interesting! So we were wondering why Japan uses a catfish on their earthquake warning signs. I think it's due to a Japanese legend that says Japan was built on a huge catfish called a namazu. This huge namazu is meant to be kept in line by Kashima, the thunder god, but he sometimes lets his guard down. In these moments the namazu wiggles causing earthquakes. 

These cats were just hanging out a street sign. I have no further explanation than that!


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