Tranquility in Tokyo


So the first week I got here we really packed a lot in! Most of the pictures in this post are from probably one of my favourite days so far. We wandered from our place in Kanda along the river to the Sumo Museum. No pictures allowed unfortunately but we did see a sumo wrestler heading into the main sumo building which is actually where the "bouts" are held. 

This guy is a sumo wrestler. Think he'd just been out for lunch.


We had lunch (really lovely dumplings from the corner shop no less! I gotta be careful, I could easily eat all day here) in this beautiful garden. So nice to find a quiet moment in the chaos of Tokyo.

This is the Edo Art Museum. I think it's secretly a Transformer...

I then met some of Rob's new friends out in Asakusa, which I really like! It's a bit more like what I was expecting of somewhat more residential areas of Tokyo. We visited Kaminarimon, a huge spectacular gate outside a shinto temple. We also found this bizarre installation (hence the floating heads), it definitely helped that it was a beautiful day. 

Nothing could have made me feel better about being in Tokyo than walking along the river with new friends, a drink in my hand, and really gorgeous weather. 


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