"We are all ghosts of yesterday,and the phantom of tomorrow awaits us alike in sunshine or in shadow."- Daphne Du Maurier

Skull Mask
This post has been floating around for ages in my drafts folder but I wasn't really sure what to put with the outfit photos as I thought it might be kinda...simple compared to the last one I did. SO here's a mask made out of a goat skull (kind of). I'm going to make a series of stickers of the masks I've been painting. They're sort of a like a more organic side of the Tribe project as the Tribe pieces tend to have a storyline behind them whereas these guys are more just direct little inspiration bits and bobs put together. Anyways!

This jacket. Next to the boots in my last post it's almost definitely my favourite thing I've bought since I got here. I like really prominent acid wash (evidenced by my jeans and the fact I need to leave the eighties alone..) and I'd been searching for an oversized denim jacket in just the right "wash" in the vintage shops of London, and they weren't yielding me any results. So when I walked into the best mall ever in Shibuya, where the beautious shop that is Jouetie is right by the entrance, and saw this jacket, and the incredibly cool shop girl sauntered up to me an said in english "that jacket would really suit you" (turns out she'd lived in Australia)
 I was powerless. 

My boyfriend said I looked like Brooklyn hipster in this outfit. I don't mind that description really, I think my Kreayshawn style earrings probably warranted such a response. I wish I remember where I got them from, I can't even remember what country I bought them in.

My shirt is also from the same mall but is from a really cool brand called Lowry's Farm. Lowry's Farm I knew about before but thought it was more a mori girl brand. (Relaxed shapes, flowing fabrics, long skirts) It turns out it has some pretty edgy pieces (I'm desperate for a pair of their Alexander Wang style sandals)  I know I'll end up there again before I leave..

Nothing else too exciting going on, high waisted jeans from H&M (turned up a million times as no pair of jeans is ever short enough for me), purple belt from American Apparel (actually bought in America no less), and Underground Creepers (mucky Underground creepers..want a new George Cox pair..you can see a pattern emerging here. Can you tell I'm a shoe person?)I've got a few friends coming to Tokyo soon so hopefully I'll find time to take pictures when I'm in lolita.
However next blog post, Mount Takao!


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