Please Vote for my Shop Parade?

This is one my favourite pieces I've ever created. I recently entered it in Somewhere To's competition to get it Showcased in an Exhibition focusing on the theme of "space" in John Lewis on Oxford Street. I actually go there a lot when I'm back home so to get my favourite piece shown there would be pretty fantastic. I think it also fits the theme well. Here's the blurb 

"For this piece I explored a space in London known as Camden Passage. It's an area gaining popularity due to its numerous boutiques. I learnt from speaking to shop keepers here that not everyone is pleased with this development and that the area used to be known for being a centre for antiques, but now new "trendy" boutiques and restaurants have come onto the passage, many of them feel like they are being forced out. When speaking to owners of the boutiques, they want the area to maintain its reputation and its feeling of somewhere that hasn't changed for decades. It's a tricky place, and there are many discussions going on from both sides behind their beautiful shop fronts."

In order to get me into that exhibition I need your votes! So please go HERE AND VOTE FOR ME? (you need to like their page first)
Thank you


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