"We are made of starstuff" - Carl Sagan

Tights. I have somewhat of a love affair with leg wear..OK somewhat makes it seem like I might buy the odd pair of tights, I have an OBSESSION. Tabio are the top of my list to indulge in this obsession. We have a couple of Tabio stores in the UK but nothing like the Japanese ones. And it makes sense considering it originated here. 

These tights were actually a birthday present but it hadn't been warm enough to wear them. Now I can wear (*cough* and buy) sheer tights to my heart's content..yeah these babies are the tip of the iceberg.

Outfit Rundown:
Dress - World Wide LoveBelt - Spinns
Tights - Tabio
Boots - Office
Necklace(ring on a chain) - a little shop in Portland, Oregon
            Ring - some tourist trap in Majorca

I first saw this dress when I made my first trip to the huge alternative amazing mall that is LaForet in Harajuku. I knew I loved it but I needed some coaxing and when I thought it had sold out when I went back with a friend and was thoroughly dissapointed (until I noticed they had just moved the shop around) it was all the pushing I needed to snap it up.

Remember that kinda irritating song by Gwen Stefani where she says "Super Lovers, tell me where you got yours."? Superlovers is an actual shop, and somewhat of a Harajuku institution considering it's the first Japanese brand I sat up and noticed back when I first discovered Japanese street style back about 10 years ago (ergh..). This dress is from their side brand which is slightly less punky called World Wide Love. I also tried on a pair of checkered trousers from their with cat head shaped pockets, alas, they weren't a good fit. 

  My belt is from Spinns. A veritable H&M meets Primark meets Urban Outfitters. Super cool hipster clothes meets H&M prices meets an almost Primark type environment, it is ALWAYS so busy! (Seriously I went in at 2.30pm today (Monday) and it was already packed.) They had all these cool different coloured transparent belts on their mannequins though so I rummaged and pushed until I found this beauty. 

   Usually in my outfits I've got something maybe a little bit odd going on, this necklace proves that. Ermm so it's a tooth soldered onto a ring..In Portland I found this little shop selling skulls, and taxidermy and bits and bobs and the girl working there told me that the owner had gone to an estate sale and found a box labelled "Tommy's Teeth"..and then she made jewellery out of them. I can see why some people would be turned off by that, for some reason it just made me more eager hah!


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