The Mystery of the Japanese Trousers

Asakusa Matsuri. One of the biggest Shinto festivals in Japan! We wandered around Asakusa's winding streets surrounding the beautiful Sensoji Temple (that I visited in one of my first Tokyo blog posts here). 

The festival is to honor the three men that founded the huge Sensoji Shrine. We spent our time watching the floats go by and eating all the amazing street food on offer. Wish I had taken more photos!

This was a scoop of milk tea ice creand a scoop of cream cheese ice cream. Soooo goood.

I'm still trying to figure out why these women were dressed this way. The Asakusa Matsuri is famous in part for its costumes made up of traditional dress. However I'm yet to manage to find anything about these outfits, not even anything about ladies in trousers! Either way I will keep searching and I thought they looked so wonderful I was inspired to do that little bit of digital collage at the top there. Click through to buy a little print of it on Society6.

They really do look so wonderful, I hope I find out more about them soon. 


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