Outer Space Girl

I recently watched Alien for the first time, I'm not so big on the horror films i.e I'm a complete wimp. But when I started geeking out over the spaceship design and was informed that Jean Giraud aka Moebius had a lot to do with it I realised I'd latched onto the next big thing after Richard Grant's American Nomads documentary that was going to inform and inspire a lot of my work. So I'm moving from future tribe into space.
over this planet

I said I was going to not be afraid to get personal with you guys now and the backdrop of space is a pretty good one to go about doing that with! I'm enjoying it so much I've even started up a new tumblr to keep little bits of inspiration on, it's called SPACEHEART2000 and you should go follow it. I'll probably do some inspiration posts at some point pulling images from it. Apart from space my boyfriend and housemates have been throwing comics at me and the 1980s hyper saturation of Hellblazer has pretty much become my favourite thing ever. I actually went to the British Library's comic exhibition and even though I only caught a glimpse of the original Swamp Thing comics it stuck with me in a big way so err....prepare to see more noise, and more COLOURS.

Over and out!


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