Favourites of '15

Happy New Year readers! I hope you all had a lovely evening welcoming in the new year. While it's all been quiet on the blogspot front my Facebook page has gone from strength to strength this year. I hit 500 likes by Christmas and managed to share 45 wonderful new illustrative discoveries with you. Next year I plan to continue making these posts but to cross post them both here and on Facebook, in the hope that I will be able to bring this blog back to life and have something to share with my faithful (seriously if you've stuck around this long wow, thank you) blogspot readers.  For the first post of the 2016 I wanted to do a round up of my favourites of the discoveries I shared throughout last year that people seemed to enjoy so much, and where possible I hope to share a new piece of work from each. 

Let's get to it!

Happy New Year! 


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