George Bletsis

Good morning, finally I've managed to steer my interests away from Toronto and Melbourne and back closer to home. George Bletsis is from the south of England but his work appears to take influence from all over the world. It's lush and colourful with quite a focus on textured interesting backgrounds.

 You can see how his work could be applied to everything from children's books to travel guides. 

The variation in his work is what initially caught my interest, as someone who can't decide what their style is most days (or what they want to do when they're a grown up, or what to have for dinner, or what to wear, what to draw, where to get it) he is always experimenting with different techniques, styles and interestingly subject matter. 

Whilst the main bulk of his work is textural, usually full bleed and can have many applications he is also working on a comic book.
I've included a couple of his comic book characters here partly because they're great and partly because they're so interesting! Everything in their world, including their uniform, is made from bugs! 

A good hunt through his website is definitely worth it and his blog is a good place to keep up with his experiments and his comic book characters. 


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