Kajika Ferrazini

Sooo I'm pretty into the Fifth Element. Anything that presents a more surreal and fun vision of the future and space travel is nearly always a fast favourite. 

With Kajika Ferrazini's work you get the feeling that these characters, while depicted in blank space, are from another planet and are showing us how they express themselves. 

Due to the fact Kajika doesn't have too much coverage online I think that maybe she's still studying or not been putting her work out there for too long. 

I hope that she continues to do so though. It seems like she's figuring out the futuristic planet that her characters inhabit, apart from what they wear, how they interact romantically and move about, but also what they do everyday and how they themselves put their new world together. 

I seriously hope we see more of Kajika in the future but in the mean time you can peek into her sketchbooks as she develops her vision of the future on her tumblr.


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