Llew Mejia

Happy Sunday y'all, I promise to try and not upload in a group and actually update this properly in the future....Today I'm frighteningly hungover so here's an illustrator who I LOVE and who has certainly helped to brighten up my head. 

Today I'm going to introduce you to Llew Mejia. You guys, I heart patterns. I heart patterns really really hard. 

I also really heart plants and illustrations of plants, so San Francisco based artist Llew Mejia basically just reached into my heart and drew all my favourite things (apart from cheese...if he had put together a pattern involving cheese he would 100% be my new favourite illustrator).

 I feel like he's taken something that can be very traditional and harks back to the work of people like William Morris, in subject matter and application, but has completely updated it and made it rather fun indeed.

 Raise your hand if you've seen a pattern before now that involves a smiley eel before that you've immediately wished adorned your walls, plates, bed sheets and clothing? No? Didn't think so! Inspired? You should be. Explore more of Llew's work on his website and his tumblr.


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