Maggie Chiang

Yeaah...sooo not sure what happened last week...but to make up for it I've got you guys a good one. Today I give you Maggie Chiang. 

Maggie popped up on my radar through her very cute little watercolours of Star Wars characters (I'm honestly surprised I haven't just done an "artists do Star Wars" post yet..) but after looking into her work a little more I discovered her pieces are full of a sense of adventure! 

Creating a mood with just background, and indeed not complicated background, is something I really envy and admire. She can tell you a story in just one little frame. She's also a triple threat because not only has she got the power to create stories as well as incredible painting skills, she's learnt how to apply them to collage too! 

Maggi's done some wonderful things, for example she's put together a poster for a Ted Talk, and I'm sure there will be so much more to follow. Keep up with her explorations on her website and her tumblr


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