Marianna Madriz

So I was scrolling through tumblr a couple of months ago when I came across an illustration that looked remarkably like my friend, in a place that looked a little like her flat. 

In a strange twist of fate I had bumped into the work of Marianna Madriz who has been working with my friend Yasmine on her blog Sideroutes. From doing these posts I'm learning that the illustration world isn't -that- small so maybe it was just fate that brought me to Marianna? 

It also doesn't hurt that her work is absolutely beautiful. There looks to me to be a huge dose of inspiration from Tove Jannson (the lady behind the Moomins) when it comes to texture and character design. 

However Marianna is Venezuelan born and I know very little about current illustration trends in Venezuela, perhaps lots of illustration over there seems to take its cues from cute 1960s comics and almost folkloric style. 

Either way Marianna has managed to take her style and apply to it everything from snacks to giving advice (I strongly recommend checking out her illustrated advice section).

See what she gets up to next here on her website and of course on her tumblr.


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