Artist Feature - Antoine Bonnet

What's cool anymore anyway? It seems pretty dam subjective. As someone who a lot of people think is "a bit weird" my definition of cool is probably a little different to others', but I'm guessing that's the same for everyone. However if you're here and you're reading this you must at least have a shred of respect for my decisions of who to share with you guys (or you're just here to laugh at me....).

Antoine Bonnet is, in my opinion, infinitely cool. From his illustration style alone he comes across as someone I would be too scared to approach. -That- particular kind of cool, unapproachable and completely aloof. His pieces while feeling strong and self assured have that special and completely blocked off vibe, you will never be as cool as that guy guiding a huge ghost like fish, yet my god you wish you could be. 

What seems to take them out of the condescending context and into the just plain cool category is that they all have a sense of movement; the character isn't looking down their nose at you, they just are doing something infinitely cooler than you and they are getting on with it. I mean, in the case of the The Do front woman pictured here, she kinda really does.

I really hope you think he is as great as all this, or perhaps i've just outed myself as the bottom of the food chain in the school hierarchy. ( I was a real Janis Ian, I feel you should know). You can keep up with Antoine -who is still only a first year university student! - on tumblr and on his facebook page. 


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