Charlotte Dumortier

Do you ever attribute human characteristics to a feeling? And I mean that in a totally Pixar's Inside Out way. Anger plays a large part in my life. I think often that comes as a surprise to the people who meet me..or maybe more of a surprise when they witness it. 

Most people scream and shout, or bottle it up and just simmer away. Anger doesn't come out of me properly, it manifests and comes out in bouts where I do strange things that make complete sense at the time...In a way they still make complete sense to me, outwardly though, they're frightening or just plain stupid. I suffer from a disorder that I won't name ( I think there will be a better time for that and I'd like to actually find a way to raise awareness) but anger and anxiety fizz out of me and take over and manifest in strange states.

In my head anger's huge and green (which is a shame because Disgust is my favourite character in Inside Out) and sits over my body like some sort of overwhelming wet suit. The first time I saw Charlotte Dumortier's comics I saw that overbearing character, but drawn in different shapes and forms, but all relatable and all easy to understand. I wish all illustrations could help others understand that feeling of dread for getting simple things wrong, or could so perfectly show that anxiety pretty often has many faces, or that anger hurts you inside too. 

Charlotte makes fantastic little comics that illustrate people's daily emotional struggles. Somehow seeing them on paper, and knowing someone else out there gets it enough to make such wonderfully crafted drawings makes me remember that we're all going through something hard, but we're all in it together, and that someone else out there totally gets it. 

Go check out her website because Charlotte's pretty special.


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