Artist Feature - Charlotte Mei

Oh god, this is actually up to date. Isn't that sad? I keep seeing my friends post those Artist vs Art memes on instagram. I don't have enough to share this year in order to do that. It is to be fair...kind of fucking shocking. ONLY ONE WAY TO FIX IT I AM AWARE. Time isn't my friend right now. 

Anyway recently I went and did something that made me feel a whole lot better about the situation. My grrl gang made our yearly trip to Pick Me Up at Somerset House. Undoubtedly Pick Me Up is my favourite place to admire some of my favourite illustrators' work in real life as well as discover new favourites. I am however going to ELCAF this year for the first time so maybe the crown will be handed down! 

Anyways, this year Charlotte Mei was one of Pick Me Up's selected artists this year and I was over the moon to be finally able to see more of her sweet ceramics in real life. Charlotte is London based (represent!) and her work focuses on all that is cute, whimsical and ever so slightly cheeky. She's worked with ID magazine, Vice, Loft Tokyo and my gang's favourite for years, Lazy Oaf. 

Her work has a lovely clumsy quality (that she states is not intentional and that she is just clumsy SO RELATABLE) that for me, just makes it all the more lovely. Cuddly ceramics, she's making it happen. 

You can see more of her work on her websiteher instagram is the place to keep up with her work (and for great process pictures)but make sure you check out Clay Club, her weekly ceramics making class! 


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