Artist Feature: Natalie Andrewson

This blog post is coming to you from back on my window seat in busy, noisy, stinky Londontown. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't happy to be back here. After a somewhat uneasy time in the countryside there's nothing that puts me to sleep like a police siren and a noisy drunk on his way home.

Looking out of the window now the first thing I can see is anti climbing spikes. Despite missing this place I can now appreciate more the security and somewhat serenity of the countryside, however it's a pretty romanticised view. That can be fun sometimes though. Who doesn't love flicking through those expensive magazines in Dr's waiting rooms showing white washed villas on forgotten hills and country piles covered in wisteria? Something illustration is really really good at is romanticising situations whilst putting a little unseen magic in them and you can get a little of that from Natalie Andrewson.

I may have picked a wildflower or err 12 on a long walk with the dog, stuck them in my backpack's pockets and felt like I could blend into the countryside like a wistful woman who lives off the land and bunnies come to her hand whenever she whistles. I may have gone for wander in the woods with a big hat on and wearing all black, cutting across gorse thinking that if someone saw me they'd mistake me for a busy forest witch (no Becky, you're just really weird). But it's fun to pretend(!) and in Natalie's illustrations you can see these fun little scenarios beefed up with backstories and references to the magic and folklore you can find in the countryside.

Natalie has the golden touch as she has also managed to apply this to those magic feelings you can also find in the city. I particularly loved this girl with the ugly shoes. That's exactly how I feel in my chunky all white Dr Marten sandals and sparkly socks. I'm on fire you guys, I'm my own weirdo superhero and so are all of Natalie's characters.

You can keep up with her adventures on her tumblr and on her website 


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