Artist Feature - Jiwoon Pak

Happy Friday lovely readers! I have been holding on to Jiwoon Pak here for well over a year but for some reason never got around to sharing her incredible digital paintings.

I'm finding myself retracing the odd paths I used to take and winding walks through the woods when I was stuck in my parents house for those endless weeks of summer holidays. It didn't really occur to me that perhaps this came across as a bit of a lonely past time and to the other people I might bump into it would appear...a bit weird. Now I am back, despite no longer being an awkward teenager, I still stand out as odd.

There's not really two ways about it. There are very few people in their twenties in this little village and even less people that when they see a pathway of curled ferns made by deer feel a need to see where it goes. Or see a huge bright yellow patch of flowers in the middle of a wheat field feel a need to trapse out there and sit amongst them for a while. I can't really tell you why I like doing these things, I'm not trying to be odd. And I never was. I just, really like it out here.

It feels like there's a little more to the nature around us than the average person sees and with Jiwoon's paintings I get that same feeling. Identifying with the characters she creates comes easily to me. They appear at ease with their pretty but quiet and solemn surroundings. Jiwoon has said she wants her work to somehow show those feelings that are at first ambivalent but fade and deteriorate, like nature does around us throughout the year.

Her work has a calming yet strange quality that I get when I drag the dog around on my odd little forays around here. Perhaps being the weird kid isn't so bad. I struggled to choose just five pieces of Jiwoon's work because it's all so beautiful so make sure you take a look around her website.


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