Artist Feature: Emily Beaton

So my wondrous old laptop (like most somewhat electrical things in close proximity to my hands) finally gave up the ghost. Just as I was really getting going again. Bleeding typical right? With it has also gone my master list of illustrators to post. Their loss however is Emily Beaton's gain.

In a hunt for someone to get my mind off the horrendous day I've had and the stress of buying yet another laptop (a good friend has leant me their old one to see if I might want to take it off her hands, lucky you!) I stumbled upon Emily on tumblr.

Yet another Toronto illustrator to fuel my absolute need to get to Canada one day, she also has the added skill of incredible embroidery. Nothing calms me down more than my plant babies and filling every pint glass we own with cut flowers. I can't actually do that right now so Emily's illustrations are filling that void and making me feel infinitely better. I wish I had her skills. I picture her on in some incredible Canadian landscape, in a valley, taking inspiration from meadow flowers for her peaceful pretty little pieces.

I mean..okay she's not Tove Jannson I know but I can tell she appreciates that aesthetic! One of her projects is based on wishing you could be out in nature more but your bound to the city so find solace in those windows with overgrown cheeseplants pressed up agains the glass, and overgrown shrub covered grates. I feel her on this one you guys and I hope you do too!

Her website is great but tumblr's good too!


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