Artist Feature: David Doran

So…getting back into the swing of sharing and then losing my internet connection for a month is perhaps some of my worst planning. By the 21st we should be back -ON- but for the mean time, yes, yes this is killing me. 

However the reason for all this upheaval is I somehow magically have managed to buy somewhere. With this magic change in my life comes the promise finally FINALLY of a designated work space. I can’t wait to share little snippets of it with you guys. Anyway let’s get to the good stuff whilst I’m managing to hang on to some semblance of concentration in  my local hipster coffee shop (which disappointingly has horrendous wifi). 

Summer’s over guys, and for the poor old Brits here I ask, did it ever actually begin? I wanted to cling on to those last few snippets of warm afternoons with David Doran.  All of David’s work is covered in a thick layer of ever present sunshine that speaks of those hopefully happy 50s adverts. This comes as no surprise considering he sights some of his biggest inspirations as early 20th century travel posters. His work reeks of Italian holidays, privileged few in stripy tops and loafers without socks, and heat bleached patios with far too strong espresso.

His work speaks to a more hopeful time, and it’s exactly what I want right now. A time that, let’s be honest, never existed. That forever sunshine and lazy stress free holidays never are quite what they appear, but David’s illustrations offer a little escapism that I need sat here amongst the wallpaper peelings, staring out at the rain. Admittedly though, my real fantasy right now would be..a decent internet connection. 

David's website is a dream and make sure you check out his sketchbook section for a peek into his travels. 


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