Happy Halloween - Barruntando

🎃Happy October everyone!🎃
There are few things myself and my grrl gang love more than Halloween and in preparation for this brilliant celebration I have been stockpiling everything illustration based and ever so slightly spooky I can find! I will be bringing you a quick little Halloween post EVERY DAY OF OCTOBER. Scared? Don't be it's gunna be great (I should be scared this is more than I've posted in a whole year in one go.)

SO to kick off this extravaganza I am bringing you Barruntando. A group of Spanish women who make the cutest (get ready for more cute Halloween themed things there may be err a theme to some of this) Halloween ceramics around. 

I particularly like those ghostly salt and pepper shakers, they remind me of David Lowery's utterly moving A Ghost Story,which I recommend to anyone who's ever thought of ghosts as sad rather than scary, (take tissues) but a little more cheerful with those little cheeks. I may also be on a one woman mission to fill my kitchen with useful items with faces on, no one tell my boyfriend.

Check out their website here http://www.barruntando.com/en/ and if you fancy buying me those ghosts you can see grab them and so much more on their etsy https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Barruntando


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