Happy Halloween - Day 10 - Glitter Punk's Pumpkins

I mean...I did forewarn you there would be a healthy dose of cute thrown into this Halloween season. I don't even have an excuse here. I went looking for a cute pumpkin okay. It was what I wanted. A pumpkin for all seasons! Just subtle enough (hur hur as if I know what subtle is) to wear all year around but just daft enough to show off a very honest love for PSL themed time of year (not that I can actually drink coffee..). Seek and ye shall find they say and I found the mighty Sarah of Glitter Punk.

Now the second piece of acrylic magic here, oh so subtle and witch like. Wear it with a short black corset front dress and a cheap witchhat and your simple Halloween costume is succinct, pretty and FINISHED. But you didn't come here for that, you came for the love of Halloween goddamnit and that's how I feel every time I wear this pin (of course I bought it!).

Sarah has some AMAZING work, all of it available for you to wear and show everyone how much of a witch/pumpkin lover you are, and you can find all of it here.


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