Happy Halloween - Day 11 - Theo Mercier

Good evening Halloween lovers. First of all I want to make a gross public display of affection for my incredibly helpful boyfriend who has very kindly been posting these updates whilst I've been off galavanting in 30 degree heat in Spain! But now let's get back from the gross and onto the creepy!

Older readers may remember that I have posted Theo Mercier before but I couldn't not drag him up from the depths of these features for a mid week treat. His work is just too perfect. It's nearly always mostly frightening but a little bit silly, however that's sometimes an even more unnerving combination. 

A few of these pieces seem to be inspired by a poem called Exposure Desperanza (workshop). It talks about the zombies and ghosts coming from the workshop. I hope Theo sees himself as a Dr Frankenstein figure with his shadow cast huge on a workshop wall as his sculptures come to life. He gives them horns, skeletons, glaring eyes, dripping limbs and then....sunglasses.

You can see more of his utterly briliant work here.


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