Happy Halloween - Day 13 - Kiki Smith

OK OK I missed Friday the 13th. I'm sick, cut me some slack! To make up for Friday the 13th let's talk about a piece that is honestly scary.

This terrifying sculpture is Kiki Smith's Lilith. The story goes, in Jewish lore, that before there was Eve there was Lilith. When Lilith demanded that she be treated as Adam's equal she was cast out of the Garden of Eden and forced to become a demon. Eve replaced her, placing the importance on submissiveness and not equality between the sexes. 

So there's a nice counterpart for the problems many women go through everyday. The reminder that strong women, demanding to be treated the same as their male counterparts, has been going on since the Garden of Eden is perhaps the really scary message of this frightening little sculpture.

You can see more of Kiki's thoroughly thought provoking work here.


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