Happy Halloween - Day 16 - Maria Arriola (Bunny Prince)

Yesterday's post was actually scary right?! (right?) so for Monday let's ease back in with the down right silly and cute again. These cutie little spooky creations are from the imagination of Maria Arriola otherwise known as Bunny Prince.

I am now banned from buying Halloween things as I just bought a vampire Mr Potato Head. I've crossed a line guys. BUT YOU HAVEN'T. JOIN US HERE IN RIDICULOUS HALLOWEEN TOWN. And you can display that you've moved in and truly taken on the Halloween spirit by wearing one of these pins proudly (and then I can live vicariously through you . Sorry wallet)

These guys are selling fast so be quick and grab your own little smiling haunted house or spooky budgie on her etsy and keep up with Maria's creations on her instagram.


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