Happy Halloween - Day 17 - Fran Krause

Do you ever do that thing when you're lying in bed and just swear you see something out the corner of your eye but you know that as long as you keep your feet under the covers you'll be safe? Or when you're lying in the bath close your eyes momentarily only to find yourself unable to relax in the bubbles because you're sure a demon has taken that exact moment to check on you?

I know it's not just me because other people have reported these funny little day to day fears and now you can report them to the incredibly talented Fran Krause who will turn them into comics. Fran's Deep Dark Fear comics range from the daft to the sad to the mind bending, and you can see them all on their tumblr.

Personally I like scrolling through to see how many I too find myself guilty of and I hope you do too, though if you hit an honestly spooky one on your bed time scrolling remember, the monster can't get to you as long as your toes are under the covers.


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