Happy Halloween - Day 18 - Pricsilla Hamby

Good evening readers. I've had this post squirrelled away for a while. If you've been here for a few months you may have figured out that I bloody love monsters. Everything from huge city destroying lizards to ghostly cryptids. I'm here for an unexplained ridiculous creature and someone else who seems to feel the same way is the artist Pricsilla Hamby.

Now to put this into perspective, compiling this list of Halloween goodies wasn't particularly hard work for me, I look at hella illustrations of cryptids, but I really REALLY have struggled to find a rendition of the ridiculous Flatwoods monster that I love more than this guy. I super hope you feel the same way.

You can see more of Pricsilla's work on her tumblr, however you should check out her web comic for something decidedly more apt for this month.


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