Happy Halloween - Day 20 - Amelie Flechais

Ok oops lunch time catch up anyone? In my last few posts I've made it pretty clear that I love monsters more than the average person on the street. (I mean I'm guessing, maybe everyone secretly yearns for a cuddly godzilla?) The monsters don't always need to be scary though! And Amelie Flechais is an illustrator who has fully embraced the idea that monsters do not need to be scary.

Whilst her creations are often cute what I like about them is they still seem powerful. 

Her characters seem able to interact with them without fear but with caution or respect, or indeed they themselves seem to be harnessing the power of the monster. Which is something I can really get on board with and I hope you can too!

You can see more of her work on her tumblr but Amelie's facebook seems like the best place to keep up with her.


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