Happy Halloween - Day 21 - Charles Freger's WIlder Mann

On the weekend I like to give you something to really get your teeth into and considering I have been going back to Charles Freger's Wilder Mann series for years for inspiration I couldn't think of anyone better.

Yes monsters again but look a little harder. Charles has been traveling Europe looking for the enigmatic "wilder mann" of yore. He explores the myths, traditions and national costumes of the indigenous people he meets and photographs their most fantastic, and sometimes frightening costumes.

Some of these costumes are so bizarre it makes you wonder quite how they were inspired. What did those people see to create such unique toothed creatures or stoic long necked faceless beings? 

There is a sense of foreboding to all of his photographs, like you'll never truly understand what they are but can only hope you won't one day run into one of these wild things. Or if you're me you'll hope to see one every day...

For my fellow monster hunters you can see all of his incredible work on his website.


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